Bbmnation: social networking for BlackBerry users

Some faces floating in mid-airIf you like BlackBerrys and social networking, Bbmnation might be just right for you. Designed by a night club promoter named Steven Ojo and his partner Alex Trumpower, the site launched just a couple days ago. Signing up requires inputting your name, email address and BlackBerry PIN. Adding another user as a friend allows you to view their PIN. The site isn’t entirely finished — there is some broken HTML and picture viewing isn’t fully implemented — but it’s usable for basic purposes. There are lots of social networking applications and services available for BlackBerry, but this is the only site I know of that is exclusive to BlackBerry. As a bonus, 75% of its user base so far seems to be attractive college students.

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February 13th, 2008 at 1:20 pm

And I recruited 4 other crackberry addicts.

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