BlackBerry Unite! launch imminent?

Word from the Mobile World Conference points to an impending BlackBerry Unite! launch on Telefonica in Spain. Telefonica was the first in line to get it when Unite! was announced over the Fall, but there’s still been no sign of it outside of a few leaked shots. If something were to come out, it’s long overdue, but it also wouldn’t be surprising if the whole thing was held off until WES in May. Whenever it does launch, BlackBerry Unite! software will offer small group BlackBerry administration, including security, monitoring, document and multimedia sharing for up to 5 BlackBerrys. One morcel from the news states that it will allow for push e-mail to the users running under the software. More info on Unite! at RIM’s minisite. Thanks Hayden!

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  1. 1 Lee McArthur

    Uhhhhh…. track 6 on the screen shot?

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    Cypress Hill track, just misspelled. :)

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