Weekly Contest: What’s the big deal?


Since the Remote Stereo Gateway peeped out its head at CES, and gained more visibility as the FCC filings went through, the thing’s been gathering quite a bit of popularity. But as Ronen will never let me forget, why not just get a wired solution that’s been available for ages and for a fraction of the cost? On the other hand, you’re lacking a certain amount of mobility that way, not to mention missing the remote control novelty. This week we’re asking: is the Remote Stereo Gateway a big deal? If so, in what ways? Does this herald the first in a series of BlackBerry Bluetooth receivers to be scattered around the home, or is it a novelty item that won’t fly? Can we count on it connecting reliably and easily? Most of all, will you be getting one? Whoever can make the best case for RIM’s newest toy will win 3 games of choice from BPlay!

Last week we took a look at the touchscreen and slider patents that RIM had filed, and what impact they might have on the BlackBerry 9000. Bla1ze made the good point that it usually takes awhile for RIM’s patents to see the light of day, if they ever do, but despite that, David rightly notes that RIM’s target market is changing, and these patents are just the ammunition they need to break into it. We’ll get you hooked up with FlipSide soon, David. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

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