Motorola and RIM butt heads

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GavelWhen everyone else is suing RIM for patent infringement, it’s refreshing to see the tables turn once in awhile. First off, RIM is claiming that Motorola is refusing to license some of its patents “on a fair and reasonable basis”, mainly in rebuttal to an initial litigation by Motorola, but also because Motorola is refusing to extend an agreement made in 2003. Second, Motorola is supposedly using 9 of RIM’s patents without permission, a complaint in response to Motorola claiming RIM is using 7 of theirs. Apparently tag-backs are totally kosher in the world of patent infringement. Motorola holds second place in the smartphone market versus RIM’s third, according to some - is it possible they’re losing ground and are trying to keep competitors at bay?

  • Branden Love
    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing ? :) Btta5200
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    Well, nice my friend... Someone will love this if I tell him about this. Thanks again...
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