BlackBerry 8130 comes to Mexico

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We’ve got yet another in a long line of BlackBerry Pearls gracing CDMA carriers worldwide. Iusacell will be bringing the BlackBerry 8130, complete with GPS and EVDO support, to Mexican mitts for 140Pesos with the right voice and data plan. Two services will be offered to take advantage of the BlackBerry’s features. For navigation, there’s Copiloto Ubicacel which not only labels streets clearly, but also lets you share your location with other subscribers. To make use of the 3G network, there’s Iusatv which lets you watch videos on demand, as well as access 17 television stations while on the move. If you’re in the market, you can find more info here.

  • SKhan
    Here another greatest release from RIM and good news for Maxican BlackBerry users, as on other hand there are rumors that BlackBerry is increasing but RIMs share is decreasing in this market. That will be interesting to watch future market trends in same curve.
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