Special Biweekly Contest: Design a BlackBerry Skin

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After spotting the UniqueSkins site earlier this week, it made us a bit sad that DecalGirl wasn’t offering the same ability to custom-create your own BlackBerry skin. That’s when we got on the horn with ‘em and wondered what was going on. Apparently they’ve got something in the works, but until it’s all polished off, there’s an alternative for all those budding artists out there. We got a hold of DecalGirl’s templates used to create their BlackBerry 8800-series, Pearl, and Curve skins, and thought we would toss them out to you guys and see what happens. Just fill in the template with the best brushstrokes you can muster and e-mail me your designs at simon at blackberrycool.com.

What do we have as prizes for the best skin? Well, for one, $50 in hard cash. On top of that, you’ll get your skin design made and shipped to you, as well as be available on DecalGirl for all your buddies to pick up. Not enough? Okay, how about any 10 skins you like? iPod, BlackBerry, XBox, laptop, whatever you’ve got. Not enough? Fine, how about we throw in a copy of FlipSide, the premiere BlackBerry music player? Still no dice? Well, how about any 3 games or themes from BPlay? That makes one hell of a prize pack, doesn’t it? For the two runner-ups, we’ll give away a skin and two games each. We’ll run this contest for two weeks, just to make sure we get as many entries as possible, and will post the entrants to date next Friday. Crack open that Photoshop and let’s see what you’ve got!

Last week we looked at the Remote Stereo Gateway and asked whether or not it was a big deal. Reactions were tentative, some claiming usability concerns, and others brushed it off as a marketable gimmick. Jason goes so far as to say that audio isn’t enough, and video support would really push this product as a must-have item. We’re gonna give this round to Paul for nailing some of the key points which will make or break the Remote Stereo Gateway. We’ll be hooking you up with some games from BPlay real soon! Thanks to everyone who participated, and we hope to see you again over the next two weeks!

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