RIM’s stock survives multiple outages


Stock marketDespite all the troubles we’ve been having the last couple of weeks, RIM’s stock is looking just rosy. You’d think that all the service issues would have a bit more of an impact, but the updated Q4 forecast seems to have counterbalanced investors’ opinions more than enough. Signs are showing that iPhone hype is dying down, leaving the BlackBerry in a rather nice position. Right now, RIMM sits at $107.95.

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  1. 1 ridiculous

    never ever cite Todd Sullivan as a credible source on Apple stuff. I have been reading his dribble for over a year and he never has anything good to say about Apple and he is almost always wrong. That article has no facts that support his iPhone theories.

    BB is killing it, no question, and it will continue to get better due to great secular trends in the smartphone segment of the mobile phone industry. iPhone will do just fine as well and the only reason they aren’t selling more is the high price. When I can get a Curve for free on Amazon and the Pearl for $99 from just about any carrier, the price difference is large enough to make the average consumer think twice before going iPhone. Both will sell tons of devices in the coming years though and both stocks will perform (although RIM will be a rocket in the next five years).

  2. 2 johnny


    you say never quote Todd Sullivan yet you go on to essentially quote him and his reasoning for the diverging results of the two….

    you ok?

    by the way… what has he been wrong about?

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