BlackBerry sales to improve in Taiwan?

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Taiwan’s FlagAccording to The Washington Post, BlackBerry sales in Taiwan have suffered due to language issues, but things are looking up. Phones in Taiwan currently use Pinyin, which uses Latin characters to phonetically spell out the sounds that more complicated Chinese character sets like Zhuyin represent. No support for Zhuyin has been available, leading to disappointing sales of only 3,000 to 3,500 BlackBerrys in the region. RIM is scheduled to release two phones supporting Zhuyin in the second quarter of this year, and hopes to increase sales to 11,000 or higher. Asian character support has always been a trial for the computer industry, especially for cramped phone keyboards, but things definitely been improving for BlackBerry users.

  • James
    It has nothing to do with cramped keyboards, and everything to do with garbage input options. Blackberries should have the advantage here. All RIM needs to do is license one of the many excellent input engines that are available, and bingo, everyone here would have a way of typing what the want to, very quickly.

    The qwerty keyboard gives a huge advantage over t9 in terms of Chinese input, but RIM has been a laggard in realizing it's full potential.

    Also baffling is what's going with the Mainland. RIM is sitting on both a gold mine and their thumbs. Anyone who sees my 8300 asks me where I got it and how they can get one, unfortunately I always disappoint them by saying that I got it in HK. People don't care about the email function, they just think the BB's are cool phones!
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