Another BlackBerry-centric social networking site

A user on our Facebook page posted about a new BlackBerry-centric social networking site called BlackBerry Ave. The site is designed from the ground up to be viewable on mobile browers, a bit like BBMnation. BlackBerry Ave. has the usual features of a social networking site like basic demographic information and interests, but has some unique features such as the ability to upload 1000 MB worth of files to share with other users. It also allows you to list your specific BlackBerry model and PIN. Definitely worth checking out if you just can’t get enough social networking.

2 Responses to “Another BlackBerry-centric social networking site”

  1. 1 Luigi Raw

    I must say a big thanks to the guys and readers of Facebook and especially Blackberry Cool.

    Since the post of this review my site has received an unbelievable amount of hits and in the space of a few hours, nearly 80 registrations.

    I will certainly mention BBCool in my blogs and updates… Thanks again guys and remember…..

    Blackberry Ave. “It’s The Place To Be”

    Luigi Raw
    Blackberry Ave. Creator and Designer.

  2. 2 Bull
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