Monthly Archive for March, 2008

Pinger offers speedy voice messages


PingerIf you find yourself using the Voice Notes app on your BlackBerry regularly, you should check out Pinger. By dialling into one of their many numbers worldwide, you can record voice messages and send them to individuals or groups. Unfortunately, only North American users are able to access Pinger’s web features, which include uploading your contacts by computer rather than through your mobile. Still, this is a pretty cool option for those looking to inject some personality into their messages, or just trying to avoid long-distance charges. If it sounds like something you’re interested in, they’ve got a free BlackBerry app to help you keep track of your Pinger messages and export contacts.

Nominees shortlisted for BlackBerry Women & Technology Awards


Women & TechnologyThe entries since November have been chewed through, and we’ve now got a list of some of the top women in the tech sector. RIM’s Third Annual Women & Technology Awards aim to showcase and reward the women who are making great headway in an industry that is otherwise dominated by us menfolk. Jackie Edwards, a 2005 winner, put it rather succinctly: “It doesn’t require extra muscles or testosterone to operate a computer and I think more women should be here.”

And the nominess are…

Jott launches BlackBerry app


JottI first heard of Jott when checking out Mentat, and was impressed enough that the new BlackBerry client got me pretty excited. Jott for BlackBerry will let you speak out e-mails which will then be transcribed, allowing you to keep doing business even if your hands are tied. Jott’s still in beta, which means free transcriptions for registered members in North America, and works seamlessly by putting a menu option in your e-mail program to “Reply with Jott”. I’m going to give it a shot right now…

Verizon’s Curve to come in May


The BlackBerry 8330 will be gracing Verizon customers sometime in May, according to a pre-CTIA announcement. You’ll be looking at $269.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate for this EV-DO-capable bad-boy, and just like the 8830, GPS will likely be locked exclusively to their VZ Navigator service, available for $9.99/month. This is the first official announcement of the CDMA Curve, so expect a few more from Sprint and Telus soon.

RIM stock up after price target raise


Mike Abramsky from RBC Capital Markets raised RIM’s price target from $140 to $150, causing their stock to raise 2.8% to $115.34 as of close of market on Friday. The analyst also rated the stock as “Outperform.” This is a pretty big turnaround from January, where RIM’s stock was rated as “Hold” and had its price target lowered from $145 to $110. Since then their stock has trended upward, even survived the multiple outages in February. Their fourth quarter financial results should be very interesting when they’re announced on April 2nd.

Trapster beta available on BlackBerry


An officer issuing a ticketAnother neat use for GPS: alerting you to speed traps. Trapster allows registered users to add speed trap locations on their website, and the mobile app alerts you when you drive close to one. The app offers customizable alerts for live police, red light cameras, speed cameras, and hiding spots that are often used. It’s currently in beta, and only offers support for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers, though they’re working on support for other providers. You can check out instructions for installing it here. Thanks Mike!