WES Exhibitor Spotlight: SteelCloud


The folks at SteelCloud let us know that they’ll be demonstrating SteelWorks Mobile, otherwise known as BES in a Box, at this year’s WES. The software offers a plug-and-play solution for setting up BES, and promises to be done in as little as half an hour. It allows small and medium businesses to get set up with Exchange, Domino and GroupWise quickly, and also includes robust backup/restore capabilities. The company has set up a video that walks you through the installation and shows off some features.

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  1. 1 John

    I’m like St. Thomas I need to see it to believe on it, because most of the solutions of this kind needs a lot of set-up hours and expertise and Big manuals.

    If they really can set-up it on half hour and convince me that I can do it myself, I will buy it.

    It could be one of the hot WES product.

  2. 2 Ralph

    I saw the video, looks like a very easy set-up. I would like to see their product demonstration. My company plans to pay all my travel expenses, maybe I will have the opportunity to see it.

    BES in a Box, sound good.

  3. 3 Mary

    Interesting, what’s the cost?

  4. 4 Robert

    Where can I obtain additional information?

  5. 5 BB Guru

    More info can be found at steelcloud.com. This really is the way to go, it is so fast and easy to use from the looks of the video. I did a little research and the company has solid dependable equipment that even the military is starting to purchase from them, especially servers. This compnay looks solid.

  6. 6 Robert

    Looks interesting.

    Yes I noticed that they are in deals with the DoD, specially with this product. They included the DoD IT download policy on their web site.

    If the DoD is buying this mobile product it must be extra secure and easy to deploy specially for today’s special military needs. Just imagine, they arrive to any specific area and they will setup the server in less than one hour and will have a net-communication very fast.

  7. 7 bbguru

    If anyone here goes to the WES and visits the SteelCloud booth, please let me know what you see or hear. Thanks.

  8. 8 bbguru

    Did you see their latest FedMobile product for the government?

  9. 9 bbguru

    CDW has all costs.

  10. 10 bbguru

    Anyone here purchase the steelworks product from Steelcloud?

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