CDMA Curve gets pricetag?


Telus 8330There have been rumblings of a BlackBerry 8330 coming from Telus before, and now there’s a little screenshot supposedly nabbed from the Telus online store suggesting a $199.99 pricetag with a 3-year ball and chain, $479.99 without. No sign of the CDMA Curve in the store anymore, but we’ve heard from other sources that a launch is imminent, so keep your eyes peeled.

7 Responses to “CDMA Curve gets pricetag?”

  1. 1 Robert

    3 year contract?!! What happened to 2 year deals?

  2. 2 David B

    It doesn’t look photoshopped to you?

  3. 3 dan

    I met with a RIM Verizon Rep a few weeks back and he was carrying a Verizon Curve. Unfortunately he wouldn’t tell me when it would be released or how much it would cost. Hopefully they unveil it at the WES.

  4. 4 Robert

    Sure does look Photoshopped, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Time will tell, but I assumed that if BBCool put it up is was more than just something a 12-year old sent them as a joke. Perhaps I’m being naive. If it truly is a 3-year deal it’s a disturbing trend I’d hate to see gain any traction.

  5. 5 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    Actually guys, in Canada 3-year contracts are the norm. Bum deal, eh?

  6. 6 DoMi

    Looks like a May 1st release date for VZW.

  1. 1 Telus outs CDMA Curve | BlackBerry Cool

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