BlackBerry passes security accreditation in record time

PadlockAustralia’s Department of Defence has put BlackBerry and Windows Mobile through the hoops, and they’ve both made it through the common criteria accreditation process faster than any others on record. The key? Working closely with government IT to fix flaws, and undergo rigorous testing before applying.

“Security flaws slow down evaluation because the product solutions have to be sent back to be fixed,” [Defence Signals Directorate assistant secretary for information security Robert Campbell] said. “[Vendors] should work as closely as possible with the DSD and the laboratories assessing the product to get accreditation as soon as possible.”

Getting cleared with the government has proven to be a hassle pretty much everywhere else for BlackBerry, so getting through quickly is a welcome change of pace. As for Australia’s Common Criteria security standards, they’re working on nailing down biometrics, another element which we’re already seeing glimpses of in BlackBerry land.

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