AT&T launches BlackBerry 8120 to enterprise

ATT8120Word has it that the Wi-Fi BlackBerry Pearl which has been long-absent in North America will be hitting up AT&T corporate sales. Suncom is the only shop in town that has had the BlackBerry 8120 to date, so it’s high time one of the big boys picked this thing up. Those in the market will be looking at $200 with a two year plan or $350 without, and for everyone outside of enterprise, you can be sure this will be available publicly soon enough.

UPDATE: We’ve got an official announcement, confirming the price on a two-year plan, but only if it includes unlimited data and $39.99 on voice.

Posted by Simon Sage in News

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March 14th, 2008 at 6:25 am

Bout time…

I think Pearl 3 is right around the corner…. heh.

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