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Busted BlackBerrySt. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, which means your BlackBerry might be getting into some rowdy situations over the booziest holiday of the year. After getting my mitts on the latest addition to the OtterBox lineup, I got to think thinking about all the rough situations that BlackBerrys must go through (and no, not just the ones made up by overenthusiastic accessory reviewers). It’s tough to pry a BlackBerry from your average user’s steely thumbs, so that means they really do go everywhere. Maybe it’s high time we hear some war stories about the toughest situations your BlackBerry’s been through… nevermind if the thing survived the ordeal, be it defenestration, long falls, killer temperatures, or fun times with oncoming highway traffic. Just post your best tale of BlackBerry battery and get your pick of super-tough cases from OtterBox.

We got a lot of interest in what’s going on with the iPhone last week, some saying that the iPhone’s just about ready to take the enterprise market by storm, but most have at least a few concerns about its viability. It pretty much goes without saying, though, that Tracy Whitt had the most extensive list of reasons to not even bother with the iPhone right now. Most notably was getting rid of the “one size fits all” model that Apple has adopted. Not every company is built the same, and simply making new iPhones with bigger storage capacities isn’t enough to get CIOs to bite. Although we’ve got no worries about Tracy sticking with BlackBerry, we’re setting him up with a copy of FlipSide just so he can tell the iPhone fanboys “Yeah, mine does that too.” Thanks everyone for the entries, and hope to see you again this week!

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Alex Logvin
March 14th, 2008 at 3:40 pm

Here is your winner right here…


Last year one of our BlackBerry users lost his BlackBerry in a canal. His job is to help maintain the canal system in our city.. a month later he was doing a canal dryup, and was in the same area he had dropped it… and found the device. He pulled it out and snapped us a picture, and sent it on over. He asked if we wanted it back for parts…


I never found out what goop it was on there.. fish eggs is the popular theory.

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