Lazaridis talks quantum physics and HSDPA

LazaridisStefano spotted a great interview with RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis on the Financial Times which runs down the man’s priorities, and interests. Outside of acknowledging the upcoming HSDPA BlackBerry (likely the 9000), it also highlights and explains his long-standing support of quantum physics.

“I’d increase my investment in quantum physics research (including quantum teleportation). It holds the potential for the next major industrial revolution. I’ve started two institutes in Canada: the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical physics; and the Institute for Quantum Computing, at the University of Waterloo. … [Quantum computing] will enable us to harness the inherent computing potential of atoms - rather than computer chips. This will be faster and use the fabric of reality [to compute for us]. If we could build large enough quantum computers, they would be infinitely more powerful than the computers we have today.”

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