WES Exhibitor Spotlight: BlackLine GPS


blip logoAs their name suggests, BlackLine GPS specializes in GPS software, specifically GPS Snitch, Fuel GPS, Loner, and their latest product, Blip. Snitch, Fuel, and Loner are all GPS hardware devices, allowing you to keep an eye on your car, time your racecar, or, in an emergency, quickly determine the location of an employee who works alone. They also have Blip, which we reviewed back in September, while it was still in beta. Blip allows you to transmit your location to friends, along with a whole host of other social networking features. In our podcast, we spoke to BlackLine about the changes in Blip since the beta, as well as their plans for WES. The promised two new product announcements and teased us with the possibility of finding out just what exactly Stinger GPS is…

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