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BlackBerry 9000So, we got some nice new piccies of the BlackBerry 9000, paired up with a potential delay until the summer. Hype is a tricky thing to play with; if you drag it out too long, or give away too many details, you risk blowing all the excitement before the main event. The first looks at the BlackBerry 9000 were back in October, and with a rumored delay, we might not be seeing it until the summer. That’s a ten month wait for 3G and a facelift - the big question here? Is it worth the wait? There are plenty of 3G, QWERTY-keypadded handhelds out there already; are the incremental upgrades to BlackBerry’s lineup quick enough to stay competitive? Give us your take on waiting for the BlackBerry 9000, and you can win Bplay’s latest two releases, Sushi Mania and Big Kahuna Words to pass the time until the damn thing comes out. Just for kicks, let’s throw in Crossbar, one of the slickest themes to come out of Bplay yet.

We had some great entries last week, especially Seth’s impressive list of locales visited with his BlackBerry, but I think Todd is going to win this one for shutterbugging his travels with his BlackBerry, and also to help out his trip to the Mayan Riviera with WorldMate Live. Have fun out there Todd, be sure to send us a postcard!

10 Responses to “Weekly Contest: The Waiting Game”

  1. 1 Chad D

    I don’t care if I win the games or not, I don’t have any room left on my BB!! The one feature I really want to see in the future is more onboard memory for apps!! Some one needs to send a RIM designer to Nokia or (gasp!) Apple to learn how to put more memory. And no cost bs, its not 1988, memory is cheap!

  2. 2 Lynn

    I absolutely agree with the above comment ! More memory ! A HUGE must !

  3. 3 Joseph Rainey

    is this the real new 3G balckberry ?

  4. 4 nickjoedotcom

    Excellent point Chad D! Seriously a gig probably would run about whole $8 more to the consumer. To go along with that I just want the phone to work more quickly.

  5. 5 Bla1ze

    Forget internal memory, allow me to run apps off my memory card and allow me to view/save attachments to the memory card as well…if 3rd party apps can allow me to do it…i’m sure RIM can build the feature into the OS…on top of that…I personally think the 9000 is ugly…it looks like a blackberry bastard child…keypad needs to go…overall the device is nice but that keypad is horrible..those flat buttons do nothing and the way the trackball is sitting in there looks cheap, it looks like the horrible curve knock offs everyone has seen that ran on WinMob…I’ll be waiting for a 9300 Series device and hoping that they don’t fubar that up too much by switching the keypad out on us.

  6. 6 Ben Marvin

    Sure, there’s plenty of 3G QWERTY handsets out there, but only one of them is non windows mobile, the Nokia E90. And that one is far too expensive for me. Give me some HSDPA Blackberry love!

  7. 7 Rajiv

    Personally, i feel the 8820 looks much nicer than the 9000, so the only thing that would make the 9000 a hit is a HUGE improvement in the OS. With everyone jumping the bandwagon and bringing in qwerty blackberry enabled phones (Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola) i would have thought Blackberry would have gone full screen, virtual keyboard and all guns out to compete with the Iphone, however, everytime there’s a new model, we feel that way, then we end up buying and raving about it, that’s what makes blackberry so special, the phones don’t annoy you after a week (unlike a lot of other phones). I also think it’s good strategy to wait till the summer, every company will bring out their new models in the first quarter and by summer, most the users will be sick to death of them haha Blackberry, in my opinion, does one thing right, no matter how little the change is to the phone, they never release the phone until all the problems are sorted out. I’d rather wait and get a phone that will perform, than rush in and buy a phone that will be recalled ( Iphone??)

  8. 8 Jake Billo

    The battery life in 3G devices is just not at the level that most hardcore users expect from their BlackBerry. I hear complaint after complaint from people with the Motorola 3G smartphones that they don’t even get a day of usage with HSPDA enabled.

    Regardless of how much (or little) memory is stuffed into these things (and I agree about needing more), people won’t tolerate a device that doesn’t have “stays on, as usual” as an essential feature.

    We’ve seen the battery capacity issue admitted by Steve Jobs for the next generation iPhone. It’s not too illogical to assume the same is true for all 3G devices at this point. Getting the battery right wouldn’t necessarily seem like the top priority, but you can be sure that if it’s not all there, people will be *very* upset.

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