BlackBerry 9000 delayed until Summer?

BlackBerry 9000 Previous info on a WES release for the next generation of BlackBerry could be nixed as the latest rumors are pointing to a July or August release. This would be a tad disappointing, considering all the hype that’s been building up for it over the last couple of months. Lazaridis confirmed HSDPA in the new device recently, and the screen is reportedly going to be fantastic. Waddaya say? Worth the wait?

6 Responses to “BlackBerry 9000 delayed until Summer?”

  1. 1 GeekyCyberMom

    OMG, enough with the teasing me already. I have the 8800 and I love it, but I definitely want a 9000 series BB with a camera. I am just so ready for this thing to come out and I really hope T-Mobile gets it as soon as it’s released. I am also hoping it has more video features. We’ll see. The rumors are killing me. I was really hoping they’d release the 9000 at the beginning of summer.

  2. 2 Eddie

    Which carrier would be?

  3. 3 Andy

    The screen may be great but it’s still about the size of the one on my Curve. I want a big screen BB. If they can make a slider that’s not too thick, I’m there. Doubt I’d upgrade to this 9000.

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