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SweetCaesar and Oanda release free currency converter

Mar 27, 2008: 

Literally up-to-the-second rates for over 160 currencies around the world, all at your thumbtips, all for free.

Rove’s Mobile File Manager and Mobile Viewer available free

Mar 26, 2008: 

Mobile File Manager offers FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and Windows file shares support, while Mobile Viewer makes for easy presentations by showing a BlackBerry’s screen on a computer monitor.

Diggnation and company hit up BlackBerrys

Mar 26, 2008: 

Revision3’s mobile site now supports the BlackBerry media player, but longer videos might be a bit tricky.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: BlackLine GPS

Mar 26, 2008: 

BlackLine GPS offers a whole host of GPS devices. At WES, we might get a chance to see what Stinger GPS is and a couple new product announcements.

AdMob: RIM leads smartphones, iPhone traffic flattening out

Mar 26, 2008: 

RIM captures 34% of traffic worldwide, followed by Nokia with 29%, though still behind the latter in some reagions; the iPhone begins to lose momentum.

Sprint BlackBerry 8330 gets a release date

Mar 25, 2008: 

Sprint customers could be seeing the CDMA Curve shortly after April 15th…

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Networks In Motion

Mar 25, 2008: 

Location based services are springing up everywhere, and Networks In Motion is on the ball with a number of personal and business apps.

T-Mobile manages to launch 8820

Mar 25, 2008: 

T-Mobile finally manages an actual release, world gasps in shock.

India: 15 day deadline on BlackBerry service

Mar 25, 2008: 

Despite BlackBerrys being safe from banning in India, government officials are threatening to shut down email service if they’re not allowed to tap into them. Operators are confident they can comply in time.

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