Who needs 3G? EDGE getting speed boost

Nokia has unveiled the Dual Carrier EDGE solution, a new technology which could double the speed of EDGE networks, reports Wired. The technology is a software upgrade which will be released some in Q3. If it is a purely software upgrade, chances are good that we could see a roll out on at least some carriers, although that might change if it requires any sort of hardware restructuring. Regardless, the technology will be followed some time later by EGPRS 2, which will again double the speeds up to a max of 1.2 Mbps. There’s definitely an exciting future for us EDGE users.

3 Responses to “Who needs 3G? EDGE getting speed boost”

  1. 1 Cliff

    The question is will the current phones be able to take advantage of this or will they all need firmware updates (if even possible on many of them).

  2. 2 nickjoedotcom

    This is a pretty sweet thing for EDGE since with CDMA and REV A you need a specific chip in the device to recieve the higher speeds.

    Maybe too little too late though? With talks of the 4G networks EDGE 2.5 may not be fast enough!

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