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Right on Track: Mobile Insights and Opportunities


WESNext up on our lengthening run-down of the tracks and Breakout Sessions at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, we have Mobile Insights and Opportunities, which promises not only to give entrepreneurs a heads up on growing trends and best practices, but also to inspire developers to attack untapped markets. Regardless of what track you’re riding this year, be sure to check out the new session planner to get your schedule all set up. Let’s take a look at the sessions that are available on this Mobile Insights and Opportunities…

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BoxTone hosting lounge at WES


I just got off the horn with BoxTone and Neverfail for this week’s podcast, and they mentioned the pimpin’ lounge area BoxTone will be setting up at WES this year. The Mobile User Management Lounge will be split up into three zones (Mash-up Room, Pro’s Corner and Gamer’s Pad) to offer some room for attendees to chill, network and have some one-on-one time with the folks you meet at WES. You can bet that you’ll be seeing the BBCool team around here a fair bit come WES time, so feel free to swing by! It’ll be right across from the Solutions Showcase - can’t miss it. For more info about the lounge, as well as BoxTone and Neverfail’s recent partnership, be sure to keep an eye out for our podcast this Friday.

Sneak peak at the lounge behind the jump…

iPhone target for BlackBerry Connect?


AppleWord has it RIM’s fishing internally for a developer familiar with Cocoa and Objective C (both Mac programming languages), which suggests that an iPhone BlackBerry Connect client may be on the way. Apple’s enterprise e-mail is still being tested, but once it rolls out, RIM could easily cash in on the iPhone’s growing popularity rather than try to butt heads with it. It would be hard to argue with a device that boasted both the smooth touch interface as well as solid BlackBerry e-mail service - the only real downside would be the unreliable virtual keyboard. Of course, the developer may just be for making a much-needed Mac version of Desktop Manager.

DDB Canada cracks down on BlackBerry rudeness


A referee issuing a yellow cardBlogger Judy Mottl has written about the BlackBerry obsession in Canada, which has gotten so bad that the Deputy Minister for Citizenship and Immigration Canada ministry had banned their use between 7 PM and 7 AM. He also banned their use during meetings, a growing concern amongst many professions. Now a company called DDB Canada has taken it one step further. Calling it a “personal digital assistant pandemic,” CEO Frank Palmer has issued a very creative ban on using BlackBerrys during meetings. Anyone caught is issued a yellow card by a fellow employee. If they’re caught again, and are already carrying a yellow card, they’re given a red card and they have to pay their own monthly bill. Quite a deterrent, especially considering the data plan pricing up north.

Canadian unions call for BlackBerry pay


Well, this is certainly interesting. Canadian unions are now asking for additional pay for employees with company-provided BlackBerrys, due to what boils down to 24/7 availability. We already knew that BlackBerry overuse has increased the average hours worked per week from 47 hours to 71, so the request certainly carries some merit. The Canadian government has said it’s willing to talk about the issue, but Carleton University professor Linda Duxbury warns that people might get more than they bargained for. If companies are paying for the BlackBerry use, she argues, they might send more off-the-clock or after-hours emails or work orders, resulting in even more hours worked per week. It’s a complex issue, and one worth keeping an eye on.

WES Exhibitor Spotlight: Infinite Peripherals


Infinite Peripherals offers a number of hardware solutions for enterprise companies. There’s a printer cradle you can slot your BlackBerry into and print directly from it, plus all manner of SmartCard readers and barcode scanners. They also offer accessories like leather holsters with belt clips and carrying cases. Most of their products are for the older 7000-series BlackBerrys, so hopefully we’ll see some support for newer models at WES.