XM launches radio on BlackBerry

How does 20 commercial-free, 24-hour radio stations on your BlackBerry sound? Pretty good, especially for $7.99/month. QuickPlay and XM Radio have teamed up to bring comedy, country, talk, hip-hop and any other radio station you would want to hear to your BlackBerry. AT&T’s been supporting XM radio services for a little while, but the service is significantly opened up and expanded with this QuickPlay partnership. Any BlackBerry packing OS 4.2 and up is good to go, so head on over to www.xmradio.com/bb for a free 24-hour trial. Stay tuned for more news out of Las Vegas!

10 Responses to “XM launches radio on BlackBerry”

  1. 1 Paul

    it’s not available in Canada.

  2. 2 Ryan

    My BB8130 for vzw “isnt yet supported”. It says i have to put in an email to be notified when its available

    No fun

  3. 3 Cliff <div