AT&T launches AT&T Navigator

AT&T has teamed up with TeleNav to launch a branded GPS service on a wide range of smartphones. It comes with everything you’ve come to expect from a GPS suite: written and spoken direction, access to points of interest, even gas prices and traffic information. Uniquely to BlackBerrys, speech recognition is also available, allowing you speak the name of a business or address for turn-by-turn directions. The whole thing comes with a $9.99/month price tag, and is available on the 8310, 8800 and 8820. They’ll be demoing the whole deal in booth #3428 at CTIA, so give us some impressions if you get a chance to check it out.

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  1. 1 Sean

    Is this different that the TeleNav service that’s been on the Blackberries for some time now?

  2. 2 James Scherber

    This is available right now as an OTA.

    It is a substantial upgrade to the 5.1 Telenav software.

    It includes a day/night mode.

    The option of selecting different voices (at a cost) for your turn-by-turn directions. The Swami voice i’m sure is going to piss some people off.

    A business ratings system

    The ability to send your GPS location to other Telenav users.

    A greatly improved interface with automatic and very intuitive 2D overhead and 3D map switching

    The ability to avoid HOV (carpool) lanes. I thank you, my wallet thanks you

    Press the space bar and the voice navigation directions are given to you again

    Voice destination selection without having to make a phone call. It actually works pretty damn good. I’ve programmed the side button to perform this function.

    Basically a whole bunch of changes you might not have thought you really needed, but actually do.

    I’ve been pretty hard on AT&T as of late, but this sofware really surprised me. Great job AT&T and Telenav. Highly recommended. The GPS software to beat, period.


    I have a Blackberry with AT&T Navigator 1.5.1 installed. It has been working fine until the last two days and everytime I try to access it I get “Network Error” or “unable to reach server, please try again later.” The accuracy level says 13 miles. This is not the kind of problems I need with this device when I rely on it for accuracy and locations.
    Are you having some kind of problems that I am not aware of? Please answer my email ASAP.

  4. 4 Oliver

    AT&T Navigator was released today. Can’t see any obvious menu/setting/visual changes despite the significant version number change?


    Get a bunch of network errors all the time. Most of the time it says ATT Navigator Service is not available. Half th etime its not able to pull up maps.

    Defn doesnt seem worth the $10 recurring monthly charge when I can get a GPS for $100. I expected more.

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