Facebook app tops one million downloads

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The Facebook logoSince its original release last October, the Facebook app for BlackBerry has garnered over a million downloads, says RIM. The app allows users to upload, caption, and manage photos, change their status on the fly, respond to messages, and pretty much anything else you could do on a computer. Social networking and even BlackBerry-centric social networks are becoming more and more popular recently, so this is welcome but not exactly unexpected news. Balsillie himself has acknowledged the impact that social networking services will have on enterprise, and with companies like Vringo noticing the good match BlackBerry and Facebook make, more future development across both platforms seems likely.

  • Buddy
    I use the facebook app all the time. the only thing i can't do with my verizon curve is upload videos. You are suppose to simply email the word "video" to video@facebook.com and wait for the reply email with a confirmation code to submit. But after emailing the word "video" i get the email reply-

    "You have uploaded from an unrecognized or unsupported address. If you are sending from a phone, your carrier may not be recognized by facebook. Please try again in 24 hours."

    I've tried this several times and every time I get the same email reply immediately.

    Anyone know what the deal is? Eith the blackberry RIm doesn't support video uploads to facebook or it's just verizon. Either way it's prety dissapointing.
  • Ryan
    Do you know if there is a way to post videos from your Blackberry Bold to FACEBOOK?
  • Mel Mitchell
    I can't figure out how to upgrade to the 1.3
  • Jake Billo
    Seth: Try having your Facebook notifications sent to your hosted BIS address (yourname at carrier.blackberry.net) or a Gmail/Yahoo Mail address - all of which are native push email accounts and not limited by the 15 minute/2 minute standard BIS cycle.

    The Facebook application parses whatever email you receive from the facebook.com site and notifies you, so the quicker your device receives the mail and interprets the more quickly you'll be notified properly.
  • Katrina
    Well I believe that the facebook app is totally rocking! I mean it has everything you want in an app plus so much more.
  • Seth
    Its funny, I use facebook all the time. I use my blackberry all the time. But I do not use the Facebook application. WHy? Its slow! Messages and other incoming notifications usually would arrive hours after I checked them on my own. Also, it is much faster to change your status and all that using the facebook mobile site or even using opera. The only thing I really see this application useful for is uploading pictures, however since I have an 8820 that is a moot point.
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