Telus announces BlackBerry 8330

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It looks like Verizon and Sprint aren’t the only ones getting the CDMA Curve - a teaser site shows the Telus version coming “soon”, complete with GPS and preloaded with the recently-gone-platinum Facebook app, and Pocket Express. It’s possible Telus’ Curve will be like Verizon’s and come out in May (possibly WES?), and for that matter, Sprint’s 8330 has yet to show up in their online store, either. Regardless, it’s good to see Canada’s CDMA carrier getting some device love too, and with any luck Telus will get some nice colours for it just like the Pearl. We still got two more days of CTIA in front of us, so stick around!

  • jimmy
    i'm getting mine soon tooo. cant wait.
  • M
    TELUS employee's placed orders a few weeks ago. That is when i placed mine. It will be available for order April 7. In stores April 8.
  • Patrick C
    Telus yesterday published full page ads in some metro area commuter newspapers featuring the 8330 and the Moto Q9c. In the fine print, it stated that the 8330 would be available on April 11, 2008.
  • Katrina
    No phone on the market right now is as hot as a blackberry 8700!
  • Jimmy
    Telus is taking orders on April 08 is for Telus empolyees.
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