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BBLogoThere are a lot of great forums out there, but now there’s official one where you can get help for any BlackBerry problems you might be having. The question has been raised if these forums are really necessary given the number of existing quality communities out there, as well as why they weren’t introduced earlier. Arguably, this would be a good venue for some direct contact with RIM, but apparently only community management staff will be allowed to post. A niche as a troubleshooting forum sounds alright, but other communities already do plenty of that. What do you think, guys? Do we really need another BlackBerry forum, regardless of whether or not it has the shiny RIM seal of approval?

  • mike
    hey, i "raised that question"...
    thanks for noticing, and rock on, Simon Sage (even if no one comments on your posts)!!
  • Ben P
    You forgot to mention HowardForums....
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