Sprint to update aging iDEN line?

BlackBerrySync got the scoop on Sprint-Nextel CEO Dan Hesse’s speech at CTIA, where he said they’ll be replacing the iDEN-capable 7100i with a new BlackBerry equipped with iDEN and Wi-Fi. Though they’ve been on the ball with other BlackBerry releases, iDEN-capable phones have been pushed to the wayside. The 7100i was originally released way, way back in October of 2005. Push-To-Talk features — which is what iDEN does best — aren’t exactly deal-breakers to most people, I know, but two and a half years between releases seems a little excessive. There’s no word yet on what model they’ll be replacing it with, so we’ll have to wait on the details.

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  1. 1 DavidB

    7100i was my first BB. I remember it fondly, and OH what an upgrade it was from the archaic iDEN phones I had in the past. But we’ve since given up on iDEN (due to the way Sprint inexplicably deals with SMS on 7100i’s) and we just moved all 25 of our corporate BB’s to VZW 8830’s.

    I’m curious just WHICH model RIM would put out in iDEN? I suppose some variant of 88xx could do what with the convenience button on the side, but not even Sprint or VZW are using that button for their newer PTT services over CDMA. So maybe RIM’s got a 9xxx series device in the plans for iDEN?

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