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If WorldMate Live is a little too time-consuming for arranging your travel plans, TripIt offers something a little quicker. All you have to do is forward your booking e-mails to, and their robots will go off and scour the web for weather, maps, directions and all sorts of info to make your travelling all the more painless. With their recently-announced mobile site, you can access all that amassed information from your BlackBerry at You can also shoot off a command to that e-mail address to get a reply with all of your info, if you’d prefer to have it in e-mail format. I’d sooner stick to WorldMate Live if I’ve got the time to plan, but TripIt sounds like a great service for last minute trips.

  • Rick Schonfelder
    I am having trouble getting my travel itineraries to sync with my google calendar and have the correct time zones. Was their a recent change to your syncing service? Never had the problem before.
  • John
    UPDATE: As of today (June 19, 2009) the WorldMate Live still does not work with Sabre Virtually There. I sent Maor Linn an email with the error message included hopefully they can resolve the issue.
  • John
    I just installed tripit and tested it with my friend's itinerary. It was 100% accurate and worked flawlessly with sabre virtually there. Though it does not have a application it does have an iCal feature that can be sent to google calendar. With that and the google sync application I am able to see the entire itinerary on my blackberry calendar (which in my humble opinion is better as I don't need to launch an app just to see my daily agenda).
  • Alex Shore
    Also checkout TripChill, a mobile travel assistant that is currently in beta.
  • David
    I currrently running both services - TripIt and WorldMate. I have to say a combination of both would be perfect - TripIt got the better website and integration with e.g. LinkedIn, WorldMate the better Blackberry client. As soon as TripIt would have a real Blackberry client that would be the reason for removing WorldMate from my device ...
  • Maor Linn
    Hi Swash,

    It so happens that I am the product manager in chrage of WorldMate's "robots".

    In general, this service is constantly improved and upgraded, with support for new providers being added almost daily, and fine-tuning of existing providers constantly being done.

    Sometimes the reasons for failing to parse an email resides in the mail program or site you use. Some mailers, for example, alter the message when you forward emails. It takes a small amount of research, and our team then fixes the problem.

    More specifically, we DO support "Virtually There", and I will be glad to receive th email message you have forwarded to us, so I can have it investigated. Email me - and I will try to resolve this.

    Thank you,
    Maor Linn,
    Product Manager,
    Mobimate Ltd.
  • Swash
    I have already forwarded my itineraries to export@wmlive.... but didnt work.
    And my itins were from Sabre Virtually There something that you support. Cant beat how quickly tripit responds to the forwarded emails. I am willing to wait for WM Live to get stable with the emailable itins.

  • Jon Michaeli
    I'd just like to clear up some confusion:

    1) Most of WorldMate Live's features are free. You can create an itinerary simply by forwarding your travel confirmation emails to or via our Outlook add-in. Itineraries are automatically synched between the WorldMate Live web and mobile applications. You also have access to lots of travel content such as maps, driving directions, time zone clocks, weather forecasts, and currency converters, much of which is catered to your specific itinerary.

    2) WorldMate Live's premium (or Gold) service (available for $10/month or $100/yr) adds travel protection in the form of actionable real-time flight alerts and other push message services, advising you of important development or changes to your travel plans (e.g. flight cancellations and delays). Flight schedules, anytime flight status, and a comprehensive travel directory are also included in the Gold service.

    Jon Michaeli
    VP, Marketing
    WorldMate, Inc. (
  • SKhan
    TripIt Mobile also supports TripIt's popular Closeness Matches, which notify users when their travel plans overlap with other people in their TripIt social network.
  • Karan M
    I'm not sure I agree with you on Worldmate Live. All the trip functionality is a paid service. Tripit is super easy to use by just emailing the itineraries. It ties in to Outlook or any other favorite calendar app with iCal support and the 'community' functionality is great for business travellers when you want to know about colleagues in the same area.
    I'm totally hooked! Give it an in-depth try if you are a regular traveller and you know what I mean.
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