Right on Track: Mobile Insights and Opportunities


WESNext up on our lengthening run-down of the tracks and Breakout Sessions at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, we have Mobile Insights and Opportunities, which promises not only to give entrepreneurs a heads up on growing trends and best practices, but also to inspire developers to attack untapped markets. Regardless of what track you’re riding this year, be sure to check out the new session planner to get your schedule all set up. Let’s take a look at the sessions that are available on this Mobile Insights and Opportunities…

Mobile Insights and opportunities features 18 sessions, many of which involve case studies, such as “Developing Your Mobility Plan: Defining a Mobility Policy” (WB03, Thursday, 11:30 AM), which looks at Boeing’s internal policies (a subject of increasing importance), and “Finding the Right Direction with Location-Based Services in the Enterprise” (WB19, Tuesday, 3:15 PM) which will show how LBS can help enterprises like Quality Distribution.

This track also features a series of Analyst Spotlights: “Understanding the Alphabet Soup of Wireless and Wireline Voice Convergence” (WB02, Thursday, 9:00 AM) will help businessmen learn the jargon of wireless technologies, while “Mobility Trends and Futures — No Crystal Balls Needed” (WB09, Wednesday, 10:15 AM) and “The Next Big Thing in Wireless Applications” (WB01, Tuesday, 4:30 PM) will give us a sneak peek at burgeoning trends in wireless.

“CRM Solutions for the BlackBerry Solution: Making Sales Teams more Effective” (WB06, Tuesday, 2:00 PM) is one of two panel discussions at WES, revolving around the importance of good customer relationship management software to sales. Of course, a penny saved is a penny earned, so “The ROI and TCO of BlackBerry in Small and Medium Businesses” (WB12, Thursday, 10:15 AM) and “Individual or Corporate Owned devices – Compliance & Cost Difficulties” (WB16, Tuesday, 11:00 AM) are good choices for those looking to further keep their company’s finances in top notch condition.

Health care will also make an appearance in an otherwise enterprise-centric show… “Healthcare 2.0 - Can BlackBerry Smartphones Help Care for 130 Million Chronically Ill Patients?” (WB08, Thursday, 9:00 AM) and “How Mobility Can Take Healthcare Delivery to the Next Level” (WB15, Wednesday, 9:00 AM) will be pushing the envelope on how BlackBerrys can support health service both in the hospital and in the home.

That’s just a taste of some of the many sessions on the Mobile Insights and Opportunities track, but there are plenty more viewable on the next page. What tickles your fancy?

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