New York Times questions RIM’s ability to fend off Apple

It’s a nice sunny Sunday here in Ottawa, which means I’m on a park bench, sipping a chai latte and reading the New York Times via some Grand Theft Wi-Fi. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the Times has joined the legion of people questioning whether RIM is in danger of hemorrhaging market share to the company that Steve Jobs built.

It’s a fairly well-written piece that addresses many of the issues surrounding RIM today: can Apple lure IT Admins away from the security of BlackBerry? Will RIM ever be able to create a device that puts the iPhone’s OS and applications to shame? What role will Google and Android play? Will RIM’s close ties with carriers be an advantage or their undoing? However, I feel the most important element to the article is the change in tone of RIM honchos regarding the upcoming battle for smartphone supremacy. Consider this quote from Jim Balsillie:

“There’s no question the level of focus and intensity on wireless platforms has gone up an order of magnitude,” says Jim Balsillie, R.I.M.’s wiry, jargon-slinging co-chief executive and strategic brain. “The stakes are so very high, not only in the size of the market and market share, but in who has the important position in the ecosystem.”

That’s a far cry from the platitudes spoken by the Jim-Dog when the iPhone was first announced. We’re glad to hear it. Game on, RIM.

(image via the New York Times)

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  1. 1 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    The article also notes that a touchscreen BlackBerry is in the works…

    Indeed, two independent developers writing software for coming R.I.M. devices say that a touch-screen BlackBerry is in the works, and that R.I.M. engineers privately refer to it as the A.K. — for “Apple Killer.”

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