RIM’s patent for multi-band antennae

While there were 27 others vying for the patent, RIM’s patent filing for “Multiple-band antenna with patch and slot structures” has gone public. Nevermind the patch and slot structures - that’s pretty much just how it connects to a BlackBerry’s wiring and casing. It seems like this is the kind of technology that goes into dual-band devices such as the 8830 World Edition, letting you coast on both CDMA and GSM networks, but the patent also includes some tuning technology that facilitates frequency change. Might it be possible to get that second antenna running on an open access network…?

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  1. 1 David B

    I guess it COULD mean that in the future, but right now it doesn’t imply anything about 700MHz…

    GSM-900 at a transmit sub-band of 880-915 MHz and a receive sub-band of 925-960 MHz. PCS at a transmit sub-band of 1850-1910 MHz and a receive sub-band of 1930-1990 MHz.

  2. 2 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    Yeah, I might be reading a little too much into “By changing the length of the tuning structure 22, the match and gain of the second frequency band can be tuned as required”, but a guy can dream. ;)

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