The Weather Network releases WeatherEye and TrafficEye

The Weather Network and French-speakering counterpart MétéoMédia have released WeatherEye Mobile and TrafficEye mobile, which do pretty much what you’d expect. WeatherEye offer current conditions as well as short-term and long-term forecast for cities in Canada and other locations. TrafficEye is currently only available for the Toronto area, but the two companies plan to expand the traffic maps, traffic camera images, and other features to more cities in Canada. Both apps are ad-supported and free, and available in English and French versions, so check ‘em out.

3 Responses to “The Weather Network releases WeatherEye and TrafficEye”

  1. 1 Nikolaus

    I have been using WeatherEye for a while now and really like it. Big benefit is the Temp and Condition shown on the Home Screen. The BB Weather Push doesn’t work as well. My only complaint is there are not a lot of cities to choose. I live near Dallas and can’t pick any city closer than Dallas.

    TrafficEye looks great but not everyone in the world lives in Toronto (Thank God!) I prefer Waterloo :)

  2. 2 donna

    why isnt there one for the u.k
    it would be great if they could be one

  1. 1 Traffic Eye Mobile for BlackBerry : BlackBerry Edge

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