Weekly Contest: Worst. Flight. Ever.

We talked last month about some of the more idyllic travel destinations, and how BlackBerry helped you out in those exotic locales, but, as we’ve seen, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. Everyone’s missed a flight, or at least came close to it, or botched hotel reservations, or got completely lost in a foreign city. Well, let’s hear your worst travel story, and how your BlackBerry helped (or ruined) everything. I always think of Max the Road Warrior when it comes to missing flights, and accordingly, we’re going to give away 6 months of WorldMate Live Gold for the best travel horror story, especially if it involves a plane full of zombies.

A lot of people are looking forward to the BlackBerry 9000, and some of the more interesting demands for new features include a Pearlesque form factor, more security over features, but out of all the entries, Ricky wrapped up all the expectations for the 9000 nicely, especially where the rumors of a front-facing video camera might fit in between a SureType and full QWERTY model. We’ll get him hooked up with some BlackBerry skins from DecalGirl and Texas Hold ‘em King 3 from Bplay.

4 Responses to “Weekly Contest: Worst. Flight. Ever.”

  1. 1 Nick

    Well, I had an incident where my Blackberry 8320 helped me out. Well, kinda.

    In January I went to Istanbul, which is a very cool place, btw. Anyway, I showed up 80 minutes before my flight, which is in bad shape as a road warrior, only to find out that British Airways had shut down the checkin counter and I was screwed about getting back to the US. Seriously, 80 minutes before the flight? Out came the 8320, snapping photos since my camera was in my bag of the clock and the unattended checkin counter. I went to the ticket desk and they said that they were having computer issues and I could come back “in a few hours.” Crap. I busted out my BB again, emailed for flight status only to find out that everything was on time and I was screwed. So I called American Airlines’ desk to help me since I booked through them and got a crap response, so I went back to my hotel to try to figure things out (and have a few drinks).

    Using the hotel’s WiFi, I used my UMA enabled 8320 to call a real ticket agent and help straighten things out. I also got to email the photos from my debacle at the airport to British Airways (which, of course, was useless for any sort of support).

    So, the BB did help, mainly because it was my crutch in a time of need. However, what I needed my BB to do was to make people not be big idiots. Perhaps that’s a feature of the BB 9000.

  2. 2 Paul

    Recently I attended the wedding of an old friend in Edmonton wit