Monthly Archive for May, 2008

BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 30


BBCoolBBCool hits the big three-oh, interviewing Best of WES Awards winners Bayalink and Neverfail, along with the week’s news, including the latest on the BlackBerry Kickstart, more disputes over the BlackBerry rollout in India, and a couple of international releases. Get your MP3 on, your iTunes on or your RSS feed on.

New BlackBerry IM service offers voice and picture sharing


JiveTalk currently rocks the multi-platform instant messaging on BlackBerry these days, but I just got wind of Palringo, which not only covers ICQ, AIM, Live Messenger, GTalk, Yahoo!, and a bunch of other popular IM services, but also lets you share voice notes and pictures easily. There’s also a community element to it, where you can join chat groups for mass communication. It’s a free OTA download, though still in beta, and there’s enterprise rollouts available if you’re in the market. Give it a shot, and let us know how it stacks up against your other mobile IM experiences.

Desktop Manager 4.6 sighted


The shots of 4.5′s BlackBerry Desktop Manager have already been sighted, but 4.6 due to launch with the BlackBerry Bold hasn’t been seen until now. The big feature is the iTunes media syncing promised to come with the BlackBerry 9000, but aside from that, everything looks more or less like the unreleased 4.5 DM.

New city guide bookmarks your favourite spots


Outalot just launched recently for New York and San Francisco residents, offering a very clean mobile website to find nearby restaurants, movies, bars and shops, an even lets you save particular locations for future reference. Entries include directions, maps, phone numbers, and even a rating system so others you know which ones are worth going to. Although things are just getting started with the site, you can suggest a city for Outalot to cover in the future. It’s really handy having a good collection of mobile sites on your BlackBerry browser, and as soon as Outalot hits Ottawa, you can bet it’ll be in my favourites.

India issues RIM ultimatum


There’s been significant beating around the bush and looking for alternative solutions, but after talks this week, the Indian Department of Telecom has flat-out demanded RIM provide full encryption codes to BlackBerry transmissions, or they’ll pull the devices from the country. Pretty harsh, but this whole thing has been going on for awhile now, and I could see why the government wants an immediate solution so it doesn’t drag on any longer. RIM cemented their opposition earlier this week, so things are looking pretty grim yet again.

MO-Call offering cheap calls from your BlackBerry


Using an on-device app, MO-Call is offering cheap voice calling worldwide. Now available on a bevvy of BlackBerry devices, this sounds like a much smoother approach than dialling through a lengthy calling card processes, and who doesn’t want to save some coin on international calls? Cheers Hayden!