3G-less BlackBerry 9000? UPDATE: Two versions, one coming to Verizon in May


BlackBerry 9000Some concepts of a BlackBerry modeled after the 9000 dubbed “Niagara” have surfaced, supposedly minus 3G capabilities. The form factor is a little off from the BlackBerry 9000 shots we’ve already seen, so it’s possible this new model will be the next iteration in the 9000 line. The 9100 is already looking like it won’t be packing 3G, pointing to an ongoing trend of stripping features for the sake of battery life. Cutting features has the added benefit of lowering costs, which could do the rumored pricetag of $800 a considerable favour.

UPDATE: Our main man Boy Genius has taken the time to quell the confusion surrounding his report of a 3G-lacking BlackBerry 9000. Apparently, there are two different codenames swirling over at RIM HQ: the Javelin and the Niagara. BG is reporting that the Niagara is actually an EV-DO BlackBerry coming to Verizon in May of 2009. The Javelin is the previously mentioned 3G-less BlackBerry 9000. Everyone got that? Good. BG was also able to scrounge up (unconfirmed) specs for both devices, so check those out after the jump.

BlackBerry Niagara

* “Large screen family”
* QWERTY keyboard
* 480×360 LCD
* EV-DO Rev. A
* aGPS
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* 4.7 OS platform
* BES 5.0 support (HTML email, etc)
* Qualcomm MSM7600 processor

BlackBerry Javelin

* QWERTY keyboard
* 480×360 LCD
* Quad-band GSM/EDGE
* Wi-Fi
* 3.2 megapixel camera
* 4.6 OS platform
* BES 5.0 support as well
* ArgonV processor

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  1. 1 David B

    The point? Longer battery life for TMO users. TMO still seems in absolutely NO hurry to upgrade to 3G in USA.

  2. 2 David B

    Kevin over at Crackberry.com was the 1 that bought one of the 3 BB 9000’s that were on ebay last week. Unboxing at:

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