Bell launches BlackBerry Unite!

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BB LogoRemember when Unite! was announced way back when? Well it’s finally seeing the light of day. Canadian users can now head on over to to download the mini-BES goodness which allows groups of up to 5 to share documents, multimedia, contacts, calendars, sync e-mail, as well as provide administrators with management and security options for their devices.

I’ve got the download going now even though we’re with Rogers, so we’ll see if it works for anyone else. This thing is a goldmine for small businesses considering it’s free, let alone the impressive features it offers. Our personal favorites? Shared calendar and home pc access. Thanks RC!

- Stay connected with wireless access to email - Enables easy, wireless
access to up to 10 supported email accounts (per user) with advanced

- Share contacts - A centralized address book which integrates wirelessly
with BlackBerry smartphones provides each group member with ready
access to email addresses, phone numbers and other details for common

- Coordinate schedules using a shared calendar - BlackBerry Unite!
includes a shared calendar feature that enables group members to
schedule or modify appointments, and send reminders.

- Remotely access content on a centralized desktop PC - Users can
remotely download content to their BlackBerry smartphone(*) from the
centralized desktop PC that is running BlackBerry Unite!, including
pictures, music, documents and other files.

- Share photos, documents and other files - BlackBerry Unite! group
members can share content from their BlackBerry smartphones with other
group members on the centralized desktop PC.

- Remotely secure smartphones - Simple, centralized controls enable
powerful security features, such as password protection enforcement, or
the ability to wirelessly erase content from a lost or stolen

- Manage smartphone use - Customizable settings allow for centralized
control of smartphone uses for each individual, such as the ability to
restrict long distance calls by area code, or prevent access to the

- Protect smartphone content - Documents, pictures and other content
stored on a MicroSD card in a BlackBerry smartphone can be backed up
automatically over the air (via the Bell Mobility network) to the
desktop PC.

- Set up quickly and easily - The software is quick to download and easy
to install on a office or home PC.

(*) requires a microSD card.

  • LouTreize
    @ Nikolaus

    Check this out

    Hope it helps.
  • Nikolaus
    Can someone tell me WHY now when I want to hit any bookmark for my BB brower it get the message “Brower is disabled by IT Policy.” This can’t be the intended behavior of Unite to no longer allow you to access your Blackberry bookmarks!
  • LouTreize
    Strange...I'm a Bell customer and im trying to download the file, except it tells me that it's not a valid WIN32 application.
  • PalMop
  • Ixtab
    Can someone PLEASE download (from Canada) and share/publish somewhere?

  • prorsum
    Anyone get it to download yet? I tried using Canadian proxies but the only ones that would work were transparent so it still knew my IP address.
  • LouTreize
    Oooo, good call guys. Didn't see this coming anytime soon. I've been waiting for this news since, well a long time. This may resolve the problem we have at the office, hopefully it's good and it'll do the job or else im face planting RIM for making it sucky sucky and Bell for offering it.
  • slvr6
    Dang, it knew I wasn't in Canada! Anyone north of the border willing to post this for semi-public consumption?
  • Susan Wilson
    This download does not work for those of us in the USA. Our "country does not allow downloads of their software."
  • Anonymous
    dyslectics Untie!
  • Jeremy
    Guess we were just a little early. It's up now.
  • portorikan
    page didn't work for me, but I'm not in Canada. I wonder if this will work with a Mac?

    ... probably not which is sad.
  • Jeremy
    Don't know what's up, but doesn't seem to be there (yet?).
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