Weekly Contest: “What was WES for you?”

We survived John Mayer. We ran around like wild men. We live blogged Mikey and the Jim-Dog. We podcasted with carriers, industry analysts, and AAA BlackBerry developers. Simon interviewed every company, ever. We were the most visible BlackBerry news site at WES. Everybody wanted one of our tee shirts and an invite to our exclusive poker game (next time, we promise). We even freaking blogged while walking. Essentially, we kicked butt to provide the BlackBerry Nation with the best WES coverage and established BlackBerry Cool as the #1 BlackBerry news site on the web. Period.

Now, we want to hear from you, our readers. What was the WES experience for you? What piece of news, editorial, or video defined the show? If you were there, who did you meet or what did you see (cough, BlackBerry Bold, cough) that made it all worth while? Post a comment and let us know. The person who best describes the WES experience will win a Viigo WES ‘08 bag jam-packed with some special schwag, including one of those popular BBCool tee shirts everyone has been raving about.

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May 27th, 2008 at 1:36 pm

What WES meant for me:
1- After arriving Sunday night, not going to bed BEFORE 3:30am Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
2- Waking up no later than 8:30am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
3- Needing to find a USB cable to connect my BlackBerry to a computer, being around thousands of BlackBerry users within a 3 mile radius, and only being able to find ONE USB CABLE after 3 hours or searching! Forutnately, he needed a Wall Charger and I needed a USB Cable so it worked itself out.
4- Going to the RIM VIP Party @ Hard Rock Cafe Monday night. Open bar! WOO HOO!
5- Going to the WES Party Tuesday night. John Mayer, meh. But again, Open Bar! WOO HOO!
6- Going to the AT&T VIP Party at House Of Blues on Wednesday night (and skipping out on the Sprint VIP party at NASCAR cafe which turned out to be a great move) and seeing Hootie and the Blowfish…and yep, again…OPEN BAR! WOO HOO! Also, we all walked out with a new 8110. Not that it was THAT big of a deal, but considering the hate relationship I have with the former Cingular, I was glad to walk out with a free device and have 7 Crown and Cokes at their expense.
7- Meeting up with the VodaFone guys in downtown Disney after the AT&T party and consuming I don’t know how much more alcohol…But it was a lot.
8- Trying to find my ways around the halls of the conference center the first day and realizing 1/2 way through the day that the reason I was missing breakout sessions was because I was still sent to Central Time, rather than Eastern Time (Thanks BlackBerry).
9- Meeting Minh Doan from Unify4Life at 3:00am (approx) in the lobby of the hotel and being shown a brief over-view of the Unify4Life application. Of course, this was the night of the WES Party so I remembered absolutely nothing except it was kick-ass until the next morning when I received the email asking if I was still coming by the booth for the presentation.
10- Meeting you guys
11- BGR instant messaging me asking if I had seen the jokers in the “We are not BoyGenius Shirts”
12- Asking you (doug) if you had seen the post on BGR
13- Trying to find a TMOBILE or AT&T store anywhere near the convention center was a joke. Had to drive into Kissimmee to find one, and even then, they didn’t have what we needed.
14- Meeting Balsille at the AT&T party when 90% of the people there had no idea who he was.
15- Meeting up with Juan and Eric from CDW and hitting downtown Orlando on Thursday night. The women down there made me want to never to leave. I could have sat in that resturant for the rest of my LIFE and died a happy man.
16- Meeting all the people that were down there. And for those of you who I didn’t meet, trust me, it’s not that I didn’t have the time or didn’t know where to find you, it’s because I didn’t WANT to meet with you, probably because we have had a scuffle in the past and I didn’t feel like getting into it with you.

There was more but I actually have to get to work now…

See you all next year!

May 30th, 2008 at 12:08 am

…sorry, I hit ’sbmit’ by mistake. The best thing I saw coming out of WES has to be the Unity4life. Lots of buzz about it and it seems very handy.

May 31st, 2008 at 7:45 pm

Er..wish I had the $$ to go to..lol, follwed brayndeded footsteps :P

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