BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: 2008 Winners

You already heard what the people have chosen, and now to announce what the supposed experts have to say. Like we mentioned in last week’s podcast, it’s a tough call to make with such a wide range of products being shown off at WES. The judges for each category had their own set of standards (as you can see), so the results are bound to be highly subjective. The fact of the matter is every exhibitor at WES had something worth showing off, and these were just some of the few that stuck out in our judge’s minds.

It goes without saying that Unify4Life made a big splash for their WES launch - they caught everybody off guard. Unify4Life promises to help BlackBerry burrow even further into your everyday life by replacing your home entertainment remote controls, and with the ability to access other household functions squarely in their sights, the future is bright for these guys. Listen in on last week’s podcast for more info on this great new product.

As a free service, Shape’s GPSed puts tracking into everybody’s hands. The ability to quickly geotag and share pictures on an established system like Google Maps’ Panoramio has obvious usefulness for shutterbugging travellers, but I could see some enterprise usefulness too. For example, the Wireless Leadership Award winner for the Public Sector (SCOUT) used GPS-enabled BlackBerrys to pinpoint where graffiti and city damage was most prevalent. GPSed could provide a similar solution to those who needed to keep visual tabs on a particular territory. With the BlackBerry Bold packing built-in geotagging, it’s clear GPSed is on the cusp of a very popular wave.

IT Admin
Neverfail recently paired up with BES monitoring solution, BoxTone, to great fanfare and, as NJB was quick to note, Neverfail’s failover system also plays nice with Conceivium, another prominent name in the BES admin field. The fact is, high BlackBerry availability is a priority for enterprise, and Neverfail’s ability to specialize in reducing downtime while plugging into existing, complementary products makes them a highly appealing option.

Enterprise environments can get pretty complicated pretty fast. Mixed servers, multiple application rollouts, and a wide array of devices all make for a CIO’s nightmare. InterNoded’s software keeps tabs on all of it. Our judge was most impressed by its ability to fully restore your device to its previous setup with minimal fuss. Lost your BlackBerry? With the click of a button, all of your old settings are back on the replacement.

Rove duly impressed us when PCMozilizr first came out, and our judges were equally affected. Being able to get your full PC’s functionality while away from the office is pure gold. Operation is smooth, setup is easy, and it really is innovative.

Hardware & Accessories
Bayalink’s Liberty is basically doing what the Foleo failed to do: bring your handheld’s functions to the big screen. Using the Liberty USB dongle, you can access your BlackBerry’s e-mail, get web access, and pull in file attachments to your laptop. While we can’t quite leave every laptop behind just yet, Liberty can bring that little bit of extra connectivity to the modern road warrior shy of a full-blown aircard. Keep an ear out for our next podcast, where we talk with Bayalink about Liberty and virtualization.

And that’s about it for our first annual Best of WES Awards. Big thanks out to everyone who voted for the People’s Choice and all the exhibitors who got on board. For those who didn’t register, keep an eye on next year to get in on the 2009 Best of WES Awards.

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