BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners

BlackBerry Cool Best of WES People\'s Choic Winners

We’ve tallied all the votes, and we’re now ready to announce the winners of BlackBerry Cool’s First Annual Best of WES: People’s Choice Contest. Reader participation is a huge deal here at BBCool HQ, so we were touched to see so many people voting for their favorite BlackBerry products and services. One of the most startling aspects of the contest was seeing just how close the voting was in many of the categories — you guys really like a lot of different things! To that end, we’re going to post the top three favorites in every category.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

1st - Viigo - Viigo
2nd - Unify4Life - Unify4Life
3rd - Zumobi – Zumobi

1st TeleNav - TeleNav Track/Navigator
2nd Blackline GPS - Blip/Snitch
3rd Telmap - Telmap Navigator

IT Admin
1st Rove Mobile - Mobile Admin 4.0
2nd ISEC7 - B*Nator
3rd Neverfail Group - Neverfail

1st Cortado - CCS
2nd Chalk - Chalkboard 5.0
3rd Conceivium Business Solutions - MobileAnalyzer

1st ISEC7 - B*Nator
2nd Rove Mobile – PCMobilizr
3rd InterNoded – MDM

Hardware & Access
1st EnterMo Limited - EnterMo Case
2nd Microvision - ROV Scanner
3rd OtterBox - Defender Series

4 Responses to “BlackBerry Cool Best of WES: People’s Choice Winners”

  1. 1 N8DBB

    What the hell? VIIGO beat Unify4Life?

    What is wrong with you people?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. 2 jsntrenkler

    I agree with viigo beating Unify4Life, however how does zumobi which is a “Coming Soon for Blackberry” application come in 3rd?

  3. 3 dnottingham4

    SUrprised to NOT see LIberty from Bayalink on here. I think its more useful than UNIFY4LIfe.

  4. 4 BlackBerry Cool Simon

    For the record, Unify4Life and Viigo was a VERY close race…

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