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Ronen spotted a new free app on the recently-revamped mobile BlackBerry site which seriously extends the default Password Keeper app. It’s almost stepping up to Ascendo Datavault, what with all its categories and fields available. Very cool stuff, and hard to argue with free, eh? Head on over here on your mobile to get the download.

  • KN
    Sorry to say, it doesn't even come close to Password Keeper. You can't even enter alphabetic characters in account/card number fields, only numbers. I would hate to convert all my data into this app only to realize that it can't keep alphanumeric account numbers. Also, no "Note" field and no way to customize the forms, so you're basically stuck with the fields they give you, very little flexibility of data. I like Password Keeper's freeform format so I can enter data that can't be categorized but are important to the account.

    It doesn't even step up to Password Keeper, never mind Ascendo DataVault. All in all, seems like someone's term project in form design on a Blackberry.
  • JL
    I echo Matt's comments...dont really get the point of this program...the loyalty card section doesnt allow for letters in the loyalty number field...
  • Matt
    It looks to be real nice, but right now I'm pretty dissapointed. I've managed to have it crash out once, and now its locked up, and I've been using it for about five minutes. Don't even have all of my info into it yet.
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