Garmin launches BlackBerry app

If BlackBerry Maps isn’t cutting it for your GPS-enabled BB, there’s some new navigation software from GPS giant Garmin available for a cool $99.99. You get the whole nine yards on this deal, including turn-by-turn instructions, points of interest, and traffic information. Generally these things have a monthly charge and deployed through a carrier, but a one-time, unlimited-usage model certainly has its charm. They’ve also got a pricier product available if you’re packing a BlackBerry sans GPS.

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  1. 1 David B

    “They’ve also got a pricier product available if you’re packing a BlackBerry sans GPS.”
    Which comes with an external bluetooth puck, for those of us on carriers (cough VERIZON cough) who disable the GPS receiver that is in all their Blackberry devices unless you pay THEM $10/month extra for their navigation software.

  2. 2 Trey

    Interesting concept. As stated on the Garmin web site “With this purchase, download software directly to your BlackBerry for the lifetime of your device.” Lifetime of your device is the device in you hand. If you are like me and intend to upgrade from my Curve to a Bold that would mean I need to make another Lifetime purchase. From the Garmin EULA:”This One-Time Purchase subscription applies to only one (1) Device. During the first twelve (12) months of your subscription, if your original Device becomes non-operational you may be permitted, at Garmin’s sole discretion, to make a one-time transfer of the Garmin Mobile Application to another supported Blackberry Device. To make a request for such transfer, please contact the Garmin Customer Service department via No transfers are permitted, for any reason, after twelve (12) months from the purchase of your subscription. Although software fixes, updates and patches are included in the One-Time Purchase, a free upgrade to the next version(s) of Garmin Mobile is not.”

    Free, Unlimited and Lifetime aint what they used to be.

  3. 3 Ty

    I use the Maps feature from Yahoo Go. It has cell positioning so, you don’t even have to have your GPS connected (since I have the 8820) or on if you have any of the other flavors.

  4. 4 Darien Allen

    Wait for the version demo’d at WES. The version available for trial now is pretty barebones in terms of feature set.

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