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Weekly Contest: “What was WES for you?”


We survived John Mayer. We ran around like wild men. We live blogged Mikey and the Jim-Dog. We podcasted with carriers, industry analysts, and AAA BlackBerry developers. Simon interviewed every company, ever. We were the most visible BlackBerry news site at WES. Everybody wanted one of our tee shirts and an invite to our exclusive poker game (next time, we promise). We even freaking blogged while walking. Essentially, we kicked butt to provide the BlackBerry Nation with the best WES coverage and established BlackBerry Cool as the #1 BlackBerry news site on the web. Period.

Now, we want to hear from you, our readers. What was the WES experience for you? What piece of news, editorial, or video defined the show? If you were there, who did you meet or what did you see (cough, BlackBerry Bold, cough) that made it all worth while? Post a comment and let us know. The person who best describes the WES experience will win a Viigo WES ‘08 bag jam-packed with some special schwag, including one of those popular BBCool tee shirts everyone has been raving about.

Vaultus teams up with Covisint for medical software


StethoscopeA Mobile Patient Dashboard is on the way from Vaultus and Covisint, which promises to bring secure, patient-specific information to medical professionals on the move. Apparently at least half of those professionals are packing a smartphone, and by 2011 that number will rise to 70%. The last time we heard about something like this was back in February, but it never hurts to have options - keep your eyes peeled for Mobile Patient Dashboard soon.

Proxpro offering free GPS-based traffic info


Proxpro PromptIf you find yourself doing a lot of last-minute driving, Proxpro is running a closed beta of its travel app Prompt which determines where your next calendared appointment is, determines the fastest route based on congestion and your current location, ballparks when you should leave and gives an estimated travel time. The only downside right now is that it’s U.S. only, but it still sounds like a pretty handy app, and it’s hard to argue with free. Thanks Josep!

Vodafone bringing the BlackBerry Bold to Spain