RIM to release clamshell flip phone codenamed Kickstart?

The Boy Genius Report has the first pictures of a new clamshell form factor BlackBerry, codename Kickstart. Up until now we had heard only the vaguest allusions to a clamshell phone from RIM, but the BGR’s picture gallery looks pretty legit. The phone uses a SureType keypad and sports both an internal and external LCD, as well as a trackball and camera, although camera specs weren’t mentioned. BGR says RIM will be releasing it before the end of the year. They also say they’ve known about it for a while, but were waiting on proof before they went public with the info. It certainly looks like they found it.

7 Responses to “RIM to release clamshell flip phone codenamed Kickstart?”

  1. 1 portorikan

    Wow, is that thing UGLY!!!

    It’s hard to believe this isn’t a joke… right?

  2. 2 FuturDreamz

    I’m still deciding on if I like it.

  3. 3 superdave

    It looks just like a Razor. Ugly.

    Why did they wait until people had moved on from clamshells before they released something like this?

    RIM is always way too conservative in implimenting new styling and hardware, and I’m sure we’ll get a touchscreen in about 5 years.

  4. 4 Dave

    Flipphones are bothersome. You always have to flip them open. I’ll pass on this blackberry.

  5. 5 Jia

    Flip phones from blackberry is surely hard to believe. But ofcourse flip phones are good to use and if they launch it, it will be a good addition to their portfolio.

  6. 6 Tai

    This phone is a day late and a dollar short. A touch screen phone like the LG VUe would be great anfd I think it would give the iphone a run for the money if stuffed with the blackberry pearl 8130 features.

  7. 7 Todd

    rumor has it that this will be a low cost introduction into the blackberry market $65.00 or less

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