WES 08 Hangover Week: Audio Interview Round Up

Keeping with the ‘Long Weekend’ meme, we’ve decided to round up every audio interview from WES 2008. If you weren’t there, you missed quite a sight: Simon went completely bananas interviewing as many companies as possible, sometimes two at once. In honor of that dedication, you can find no less than six interviews in one post! Of course, you can always subscribe to our podcasts/interviews via RSS or iTunes…


Simon interviews Brian Reed from BoxTone about all the work that went into producing the social hot spot for WES 2008, plans for next year, and their recent partnership with Neverfail.


Do you use Viigo? Why Not? Our 8′ friend interviews Viigo President and CEO Mark Ruddok about Project Tango, Enterprise Light, and communicating with open source platforms.


Simon talks to Ahmed Datoo of Zenprise about 64-bit servers and their recent support in the Zenprise 4.0 update.


Simon talks to ISEC7 about their remote control application for BlackBerry, B*Nator. You can download a free trial here.

Mobile Governance Council

Simon chats Chris Harold about his internal roll out of the Mobile Governance Council, a private organization dedicated to establishing standards for IT setups. By determining what needs to be available from an internal smartphone roll out, such as remote wiping, availability, etc., Chris tells us how enterprise can outline their upcoming roll out.


3i is the glue that put SAP and BlackBerry together, namely involving the ability to push out approval requests over the SAP server. This was kind of a big deal at WES this year, and this interview really outlines the extent of SAP and BlackBerry’s partnership for integration.

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