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Rogers iPhone vs. BlackBerry Comparison: Data/Voice Rates


A 3G iPhone fights a BlackBerry for smartphone dominance

With the recent release of Roger’s new BlackBerry data rates and the unveiling of their iPhone voice and data rates on Friday, we thought now would be a good time to offer a head-to-head comparison of both plans. Unfortunately, while Rogers has updated their data-only plans, they have yet to update their integrated voice and data plan, leaving us to compare the iPhone plan with its approximate BlackBerry counterparts. Still, the results are surprising and might impact your next smartphone purchase.

(Original image Alex Eben Meyer via Slate)

Click here to see the Rogers data and voice rate comparison

Rogers BlackBerry Bold coming July 25th?


Rogers BlackBerry Bold

Previous rumours were pointing to a July 15th. release date for the BlackBerry 9000, but the latest is pointing to a little bit later. Vancouver’s launch party is July 17th., which would definitely nix the old rumour, so the 25th. sounds like it’s in the right ball park. That being said, an August release on AT&T doesn’t sound that bad at all, although BlackBerry and the 3G iPhone are apparently close enough in the races for a few weeks release difference to make or break many sales.

(via CB)

OS 4.6.1 to carry multiplayer gaming platform?


Sounds awfully ambitious, but there are rumblings that the OS 4.6, which is coming out with the BlackBerry Javelin, will be packing a multiplayer gaming platform. You’d think pros like Magmic might be in on something like this, but we’ve heard nary a peep from our Ottawa neighbours. Bplay already has a separate multiplayer service they work through, so if anything, RIM’s developing something in-house. Cool idea, if nothing else.

OS 4.6.1, launching with the BlackBerry Javelin, will also be sporting some cell-tower recognition to provide some light location service, along with a safe mode to make software testing a little easier. Hey, speaking of the Javelin, we hear there’s still a BlackBerry 8900 out there, which could very well be the Javelin. Jibi also has it that the flip BlackBerry Kickstart has been rebranded as the 8220 and 8210, which both check out for our sources. It looks like the BlackBerry Bold is going to be in a class of its own for awhile…

(via BlackBerry News)

Tele Atlas partners up with Google


WonderTwinsTele Atlas has just announced that over the next five years they’ll be providing Google with all of the mapping info they suck up through the satellites, along with everything they’ve already piled up. This means that fancy Google Maps app for BlackBerry with the newfangled transit info will have a healthy booster shot of photos and information. Tele Atlas has done a lot of good work with mobile GPS applications, and partnering with Google is solid step to doing more.

BlackBox keeps tabs on time and travel


BerryVine’s BlackBox launched recently, offering project-based travel tracking. Clock in, track your movement, and clock out. This would make for quick expensing, and can report time just as easily in a variety of file formats. This is definitely a more flexible system than RideCharge, and seems really easy to use. You can grab for € 49,95 over here, or give the trial a shot by downloading BlackBox over the air from

Brightstar to boost indirect Verizon BlackBerry sales


VerizonCarriers have a pretty solid relationship with RIM, but as soon as you get second-degree stores like Carphone Warehouse and Wireless Giant, things must get a little stickier. Luckily, Brightstar has recently started up some work with Verizon and RIM to provide better support to indirect sales outlets. The new program provides “marketing, sales, inventory management and credit management programs” for the little guys to help push BlackBerrys out through new channels.