SmrtClipboard is a simple and helpful clipboard for your BlackBerry


The developers behind SmrtGuard have a new app called SmrtClipboard, which is a clipboard for your BlackBerry. It’s a simple and easy to use app that gives you the ability to copy and paste multiple items from one place to another. It’s amazing that RIM didn’t think of this.

SmrtGuard are offering some great promotions too:

Buy it for 50% off today only with coupon code “SMRTCLIP

Or get it for free with the purchase of SmrtGuard Monthly (Add SmrtGuard Monthly to the cart then add SmrtClipboard to get it for free).


OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and 8520


For all those looking for the latest OS 5 build for their device, bbleaks spotted OS for the Bold 9000, Curve 8900 and Curve 8520.

Download OS for the BlackBerry Bold 9000

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8900

Download OS for the BlackBerry Curve 8520

Remember, if the links die, be a friend and comment a new mirror link. They pop in the forums constantly.


BlackBerry App World launches in Australia and New Zealand



App World has officially launched in Australia and New Zealand. To download, just visit or

For all those new to App World, RIM recommends some of the following apps as being popular downloads:

BlackBerry Messenger
Bloomberg Mobile
Daily Horoscope - Dictionary and Thesaurus
Facebook for BlackBerry
Navita Translator
Nobex Radio Companion
ProOnGo Express
The Weather Channel
Tune Wiki
WorldMate Live
Travel Like a Pro
World News


RIM official Twitter application semi-confirmed


CB and a few others have found some evidence of the official Twitter client from RIM. We haven’t seen anything in terms of screenshot leaks or details, but hopefully RIM is working on something unique, as there are already a plethora of Twitter clients available. Generally speaking, when RIM is developing an application, it’s because the app will have access to more APIs than a third party developer would normally have access to. This is why they built the Facebook app.

We’re not positive about a release date, but rumor has it the client is in testing and we should expect something before February.


Manage invoices, clients and billing hours with FreshBooks beta


Freshbooks is a new piece of software that lets you manage invoices, clients and track billing hours from your BlackBerry. The app is currently in beta, and you can download it now to try out for yourself.

Features include:

  • Time Management - Easily upload time on the go. Use a timer to track time as you go, or manually enter hours.
  • Client Management - Use your BlackBerry to call or email clients. Map client addresses directly on your BlackBerry. Search capability for quick access to hundreds of clients
  • Invoice Management - View full invoice details, enter payments and send invoices from your BlackBerry.
  • Account Management - Use multiple accounts on one BlackBerry. Staff and admin usage adheres to FreshBooks priveleges.
  • Use Offline - No signal? No problem, just upload later.

To download the free beta of FreshBooks, head over to their site and register your email.


BES now fully supported on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010


Ryan let us know that BES is now fully supported on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and BlackBerry Technical Support Services are readily available.

In order to enable full support, three updates are required:

  • Roll-Up 1 (RU1) for Exchange Server 2010
  • MAPI v6.5.8147
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0.1 Maintenance Release 1 (MR1)

For more information, check out the Microsoft Exchange Team Blog.


Reminder: Twinkler Software BOGO sale final day


Just had to remind everyone that Twinkler Software are running a BOGO campaign that ends tonight at midnight. With the purchase of any of the below products, you get a second free:

Buy AddOnis – Get WiFi Hero FREE! (Regular Price: $14.94 / A $4.99 value FREE)
Buy WiFi Hero – Get AddContactX FREE! (Regular Price: $7.98 / A $2.99 value FREE)
Buy SendX – Get AddContactX FREE! (Regular Price: $5.98 / A $2.99 value FREE)
Buy AddContactX – Get SendX FREE! (Regular Price $5.98 / A $2.99 value FREE)

Remember, the sale is designed as a bundle so be sure to check out the bundle section in our store.


BlackBerry Cool roundup for the week of December 7th



This week wasn’t anything special when it comes to new devices but there’s always something for the BlackBerry Nation. Here at BlackBerry Cool, we had a week of testing out the Storm2 battery, as well as some network speeds. Remember, we’re trying to keep to at least 4 features a week so it’s always worth checking back.


Testing the 3G, 2G and WiFi download speeds on the Bold 9000

Conclusions testing the BlackBerry Storm2 battery life

QR Barcode Readers for BlackBerry Reviewed

Testing the BlackBerry Storm2 battery life
Click through for important news from this week and cool stuff you may have missed


Vlingo 4.0 adds new voice-text functionality and gift option



As you may have heard, Vlingo has gone version 4.0 and they have included in this release what they call Vlingo Everywhere. The idea is that you can now use voice-to-text for any field that will accept keyboard input. This includes native applications as well as in the BlackBerry Browser.

With Vlingo Everywhere, you can interact with the following:

  • Instant Messengers: BlackBerry Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! IM, Windows Live Messenger.
  • Calendar Entries and Editing.
  • Websites (fill any text box).
  • Any Messaging or Email Screen.
  • Address Books (allowing users to speak new contacts).
  • Most other downloaded applications, including Facebook for BlackBerry, BlackBerry App World and more.

If you like Vlingo and think a friend would also enjoy it, Vlingo have opened up the ability to gift the application to a friend. Head over to and purchase Vlingo 4.0 as a gift for $14.99. Your friend/loved one will receive a code which they can use to download Vlingo 4.0 on their BlackBerry.


Testing the 3G, 2G and WiFi download speeds on the Bold 9000



Counting the main differences between all the BlackBerry models can be done on one hand. Screen resolution, processing speed, form factor, input, and network speed. Choosing which one is right for you is usually a pretty simple affair. If a device in the lineup doesn’t immediately call out to you as being an obvious fit, you’ve got to become more critical about the details of how you want your device to perform.

One of the bigger deciding factors is raw transmission speed. How fast can you download big emails? How quickly can you send out mission-critical data? How fast can I surf the web? It seems to be the most important factor, with the least amount of clear explanations and data to back up claims.

There is so much vague talk when it comes to the difference between 3G and 2G, while WiFi is unfairly absent in the speed breakdown.
Click through to read the results of a speed test on the Bold 9000 using 2G, WiFi and 3G