Weekly Contest: ‘Why do you want 3G?’

The BlackBerry Bold is coming (someday. Sigh.) All the latest rumors seem to indicate that a 3G iPhone could be announced as early as next Monday. But the question remains: why do you want 3G?

Is it for faster web-browsing? Multiplayer gaming? MP3 and other media downloads? Because EDGE’s 2.5G seems so 2005? Post a comment and let us know how a 3G BlackBerry is going to change your life, and if it gives you pause for concern in any way. For example, while an entirely different technology than what will be in the Bold, my EV-DO BlackBerry 8330 is balls for battery life. Do you believe RIM’s battery life assurances?

Post a comment and let us know. The person with the best answer will receive a FREE COPY OF MAGMIC’S THK3: CONNECTED and a slick BLACKBERRY COOL TEE SHIRT, just because we like you so much.

While it seems like everyone who made it to WES had a good time (apologies to Bla1ze and brayndeded’s friend’s broken foot), the winner has to be CONFIDENTIAL, who managed to not only be all over the show, but to run into the Jim Dog at the AT&T party and be the only person who knew who he was.

26 Responses to “Weekly Contest: ‘Why do you want 3G?’”

  1. 1 preuegl

    and honestly how many people have 3G coverage in the first place. Sure if you live in a big city.

  2. 2 MC

    carriers and device manufactures just hype up 3G as a new selling feature, or a competative edge. Sure there are applications that are suited for 3G, but for everday network usage it’s really not that important. I bet the average user doens’t know much about 3G other than the hype they’ve had pushed in their faces.

  3. 3 roman411

    Because 3 is the magic number!

  4. 4 Ray J Bilyk

    I would just like to be at that next level… I want to be able to get fast access and new features that many companies are afraid to release because we’re not ‘up there’ yet…

    I also want to make my friends and family jealous by getting a sweet ‘Blackberry Cool’ shirt!

    Oh, and roman411… 3 may be the magic number, but 4 is one more than 3 and therefore, more magical!

  5. 5 DavidB

    But Ray and Roman, 42 is the secret to the universe, so I want 42G!

    I have no 3G GSM available to me and I live but 25 miles from the nation’s capitol, so I’d tend to agree with preuegl. Then again, I have plenty of EVDO, hence my provider is EVDO not GSM. I had a GSM berry initially, and the difference for web browsing (for ME at least) between what that offered versus EVDO is incredible.

    But there’s no doubt that my EVDO berry (8830) is FAR worse for battery life than my GSM berry was. I am lucky to get through an entire business day without needing a recharge.

  6. 6 bb9000

    i want 3g and beyond. because i want a device the size of my curve or the new bold to be able to be as fast and do everything my home computer does in the palm of my hands from anywhere i am. if i had my way every device would be 5g. and cover the planet with wi-fi. free wi-fi. make everyone happy. bless on to thee oh bold and beyond.

  7. 7 Giri Mobile

    I was 3G because I don’t see why handsets (such as my new curve) cant keep up with technology. I ha