Boy Genius unearths the BlackBerry 9110 (Codename: Seawolf)

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Year after year, Boy Genius keeps the often boring summertime news cycle interesting by breaking new BlackBerry devices. The trend continues, this time with an .xml file revealing the BlackBerry 9110, which has essentially the coolest development codename ever: Seawolf. Pertinent features? It’s in the 9100 series family, which means a ‘reduced’ SureType keypad, and possibly flip-phone styling, but with GPS support.

Boy Genius seems to think the device is headed to AT&T. We wait with baited breath.

(via Boy Genius Report)

  • DavidB
    There's just SO much about a upcoming device that you can learn from device.xml and vendor.xml. This looks more to me like a successor to the Pearl than something in the "Kickstart" family.
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