Fido kills off BlackBerry Connect support, other carriers should follow suit

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One of saddest moments of each WES for me is walking by the BlackBerry Connect booth, seeing a lone RIM employee bored out of his skull next to three non-BlackBerry devices, and awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact so I don’t have to talk to him. But then I think they must have done something to deserve the posting, like giving secrets to Boy Genius, and I walk away feeling much better.

On June 3rd, Canadian carrier Fido killed off their BlackBerry Connect package for new subscribers. Apparently this was done due to the ‘introduction of new data products’, i.e. devices that don’t need BC anyways. Current Fido customers with this option on their account are allowed to keep it as a grandfathered feature. I wonder how long it will take other carriers to do the same?

(via BlackBerry Sync)

  • t.a
    Hey CW, I just got a BB 8320 and I too am with Fido.
    i thought stupidly that getting an unlimited mobile browsing option would help.. not lol.
    I don't know how to get it to work, and I have a great deal with Fidos student plan which rogers can't match.
    Any help would be good too :)!
  • CW
    I just got an unlock BB and I am with Fido. I am trying to get a data plan to work with BIS and BB messenger, but I am getting the running around and find no concrete answers.

    People told me different things... some said that BB can work with Fido and Fido data is capable to work with BB. However, they don't know how to configure the BB, therefore, they can't help me. Some told me that Fido data does not support BB, but only support Window Mobile. Some told me that I just need a data plan, but everything will work after that... I am not sure who is telling the truth. I think they all are, but not the full truth.

    I also heard that Fido is going to bring back BB connect with a new phone this year.

    Can someone help me and tell me if my BB can work with Fido data? If yes, how can I convince Fido CSR to help me?

  • lex

    If I dont have blackberry connect is there any way I can use my unlocked blackberry on fido? I have a city fido plan and would like to add a data plan. What i'm concerned about is not being able to use blackberry messenger.

  • Gianni
    hi Guys,
    for those of you that have an existing blackberry connect plan do not remove it for one of the new plans because you will not be able to use your blackberry for data and you will not be able to get back your old blackberry connect once you remove it. hold on to it like the city plans out there! take it from me....i work at fido canada...
  • Thanks, AC. I'm not very good with the photoshop, so I was quite proud of that one.
  • AC
    FLAWLESS VICTORY on that graphic ;-)
  • mgrunhut
    i dont understand the purpose of killing the BB Connect. I have a Palm Treo and BB Connect. The reason i have it this way is that i am able to have the Palm and its third party software (which is not available on the BB) and at the same time, i am able to have the Push Technology of BB. I would be very unhappy if ATT would get rid of the BB Connect from the Treo
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